5 Overalls Outfits To Copy This Weekend

Given the date, you've probably spent a little too much time thinking about what you're going to wear this weekend. Whether you're DIY-ing your way through Halloween or banking on two-day shipping, you're probably not giving your day-after look much thought. But, remember, there are still brunches to be had, farmers' markets to be perused, and friends to be seen. To get you through, there's always Instagram to help inspire your Saturday and Sunday styling.
Fact: Overalls aren't just for the playground anymore. Now, along with your classic denim pair, you'll find leather and colorful variations on the item that feel much more grown up, evidenced by the blogger-off-duty looks to follow. So, once you wash off all your costume makeup and free yourself from an oppressive spandex getup, relax into these one-pieces made for the weekend after.
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