Outlet Shopping Is Still The Best — Here’s Why

shopping-embedPhotographed by Kate Cox
Shopping can be stressful, but shopping at outlet malls is a whole other story. We've all been there before: You bravely squeeze through a flock of customers to snatch up that killer deal on a dream purchase, only to find out the store ran out of said item. We give our time and even risk a few elbows in the side, yet, for some reason, we keep coming back for more.
Is it our insatiable appetite for a challenge or our innate love for a deal too good to be true? Actually, it's all that and a food-court snack, too. And, our friends over at The Huffington Post have seemingly figured it all out. The site has rounded up 10 reasons why shopping at outlets beats all other forms. Click over for its take on why this type of retail therapy is well worth the money — and exhausted feet. (The Huffington Post)

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