The Logical Extension Of The Mullet Skirt Is…This Thing

It was somewhere circa 2010 that we began to play around with hemlines and try out mullets (strictly sartorially speaking), although the high-low hype began wearing off last year. Nothing could have prepared us, though, for this reworked version of the uneven hem. Forget highs and lows — Oscar de la Renta cut a big, ol' hole right in the middle of your outfit.
At first glance, we might have considered this piece of cocktail attire just another billowy-in-the-back, short-in-the-front design. But, when seen flat, the skirt gets a bit confusing in a "But, where do my legs go?" sort of way. The black, silk piece contains two holes to thread your body through: One is a waistband, and the other lets your legs peek out. When worn correctly — which might take a few minutes to figure out — the skirt balloons behind you, while the front curves up like a curtain, revealing everything from the knees down. Think of it as your own personal parachute bottom that's less MC Hammer and more Charles James.
And, in case this solo image resembles a sleeping bag just a bit too much, click over to page two to see how elegant this hole-y invention — that's nearly sold out — can be.
Simple(ish), right? And, it's okay if you have to click back to page one — it took us several views to understand how de la Renta meant for us to wear this, too.

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