Level Up From That Ubiquitous Origami Skirt Everyone Wore Last Year

Photographed by Christian Vierig.
You know the skirt we're talking about: two wrapped layers and two upside-down peaks that point down on each thigh to make your legs look long — and more often than not, that skirt was actually a skort (so you could get away with some dangerously short lengths). They looked good with heels and a tank for a hot night out, or with a T-shirt and sneakers for an even hotter day of running around. And they were everywhere.

Whether or not you still wear one, that skirt probably introduced you to the wonderful world of origami-style clothes. More substantial than plain pleats and more complex than just a tube dress, this style makes you look like you've wearing the kind of paper fashion you used to make for your Barbies growing up (but 1,000 times more sophisticated). Ahead, check out the bold trend that's hot on the heels of last year's go-to staple.

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