Orgasmic NSFW Snaps From A Peep-Show Party

Well, Kristian is going to the gym every day after last night's Chandelier Creative holiday party. The first sight when you walk in: half-naked bartenders with Usher abs, pouring the strongest Belvedere cocktails we ever did taste. Judging by the invite, which was maybe the coolest letter to land on our desk this year, the party was bound to be, and it sure as hell lived up to the hype. It rivaled the fiercest Fashion Week party in terms of scale and hullabaloo: a strip performance, racy art pieces, and the "world's most famous transexual," Amanda Lepore, sitting in for Santa Clause in a gigantic throne. And yes, she was taking Christmas wishes, (there had to be one request for a sex change, right?), posing for pictures with the likes of Jen Brill and Lorenzo Martone. The most insane part of the festivities? An x-rated peep show featuring Chandelier's interns, who happily xeroxed their nether regions for $5. Don't worry, it was for charity! Now, about our abs...
Click through to "peep" a slideshow of NSFW, kinda orgasmic shots by David X Prutting!
Photos via David X Prutting/Billy Farrell Agency

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