The Coolest Invitation We’ve Ever Received!

The holiday party invites have been slowly but steadily piling in, and the madness pretty much starts like now—we're trying to remember that "pace" has to be the operative word in our vocabulary right now. We're kinda jaded when it comes to hard invitations, but yesterday, a messenger rolled through and delivered what's arguably the coolest invite we've ever received. The sender in question? Chandelier Creative, a creative who have had clients like Bvlgari, Club Monaco, Nars, and Old Navy. First we had to tear open the magenta box, graphically printed with "Invitation," before revealing what looked like a book. Instead, we discovered a childhood throwback—a 3-D pop-up that resembles the traditional dollhouse on speed. The funhouse is complete with all the cut-out members of the Chandelier Creative team having the time of their lives: there's a duo on a rocket ship, some skimpy bodybuilders, wrestling gals, and, of course, founder Richard Christensen hanging from a chandelier. The script begs us to "drink more champagne then Joan Collins, fondle more staff than at the Hollister store, and take a seat on a sexy Santa's lap." Judging by the maxim an picture invite's worth a thousand words, this is one party that we won't ever forget.

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