’90s Redux: Opening Ceremony To Release DKNY Archives

The early '90s, guys. The revival isn't just fashion déjà vu or repurposing "trends"; the fascination with two decades past is actually a much-welcomed excuse for labels to dig through archives, for classic brands to reappear, and for beloved characters to become recast in modern and anachronistic settings. The bottom line: It is pretty exciting.
Leave it to Opening Ceremony to get one of the more influential mainstream '90s brands — the hallowed, colorblocked, and oddly Alpine-infused DKNY (seriously, skiing was so chic in 1993, right?) — to open its archives. The 15 piece, limited-edition capsule collection sounds right out of In Living Color: cropped puffer jackets, bodysuits, big sweatshirts, and, yes, a hooded jumpsuit. The items even include a heartbreaking addition for any longtime New Yorker — a T-shirt emblazoned with the NYC skyline from 1992. All under $700, these pieces are definite collectibles. Let's hand it to Opening Ceremony — collaborating with DKNY is just an awesome idea all around. (WWD)

Photo: Via Opening Ceremony/WWD