All The Opal Jewelry October-Borns Will Ever Need

As someone with an October birthday, I know we have it made. Our celebration falls just as that amazing, fresh-feeling fall weather starts to roll in (Hello, pumpkin spice lattes, hayrides, and colorful leaves.) — without cutting it too close to holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas that might try to steal our spotlight (though many of us do have the option of combining our special day with Halloween for a memorable costume bash). Plus, we're said to have some pretty awesome personality traits, like a consciousness for fashion (yes!) and a natural ability to make relationships work.
But if I'm being honest, one of the most special things about being born in October is our standout birthstone, the opal. Its bluish-white shade is one that can easily be worn everyday, whether as a statement ring or super-thin bracelet. October babies, it's time to treat yourself. Click on to shop the best opal creations on the market right now.