Once Upon A Dress: 9 Frocks To Please Your Inner Princess

Once upon a time we urban ladies lived in only our leather jackets and combat boots, but there's something admittedly instinctual: our weak spot for classic cut, kiss-a-prince, find-that-missing-glass-slipper princess dresses. Let's blame it on our recent obsession with all things fairy tale, namely Sunday-night sofa dates with Once Upon A Time. Still, no matter what the reason, this holiday season's dress research keeps throwing us shape after shape that has us sashaying across the floor from designers that run the gambit from relatively practical to royalty-exclusive reaches. Maybe it's our extended Kate Middleton hangover (come on, it made a GREAT drinking game) or our inexplicable fondness for our Disney princess halloween costume, but we're suddenly wishing these dresses were office-party appropriate. From the well-priced to the dresses that only make appearances in our dreams — ah ODLR, if we only had a cool seven grand and a casual midnight ball to attend — these gowns will get you feeling like royalty faster than your own fairy godmother.
Photo: Courtesy of Net-A-Porter