The Olsens Land Their FIRST Vogue Cover (In the Sister Issue, Obvi)

MK & A prove, once again, that nothing beats a rocking set of genes. The duo have landed on the cover of Vogue's special edition "Best Dressed" issue that will hit newsstands (then quickly fly off) on November 15. Like us, it seems that Anna's got a thing for twins since she finally put The Row designers on their first cover, after a long-overdue and well-deserved wait. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have also found themselves in the company of other biologically connected beauties, including Hollywood youngin's Dakota and Elle Fanning, royalty Kate and Pippa Middleton, the divine Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, runway superstars Lily and Ruby Aldridge, and style-star heiresses Claire and Virginie Clarins, who all appear in the glossy. Inspired by pair after pair of extraordinary siblings, Vogue calls 2011 the "Year Of The Sister;" a title that makes all our hearts smile. We're kinda dying to get our hands on the sure-to-be picturesque issue, and sure, we'll share it with big sis, too. (Fashionista)

Photo: Via Fashionista

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