2 Guys, 8 Looks: The TWIN Male Model Edition

Fine, you've got us—we're model obsessed, but at least we're not afraid to admit it. And, let's be honest: When a pair of insanely gorgeous, twin male models come your way, there's just no saying no. Instead, we say hello (and hell yes!) to fraternal hunks,Travis and Brian Davenport. Sure, they happen to be Ralph Lauren models but there's so much more to these guys than chiseled-by-the-hands-of-Zeus cheekbones and enviable hair— the two are accomplished skateboarders and skate design entrepreneurs, with a street-meets-chic apparel company, Push Culture. Oh, and they also happen to have great personal style. We caught up with the Davenports to check the pros and cons of twin-dom in the biz, score tips for approaching intimidatingly hot guys, and of course, to snap some exclusive pics. Ugh, double swoon, we're in brotherly love!
Click through for hot pics and industry dish from the dapper Davenport dudes. But don't get any funny ideas ladies— these Austin-born sweethearts are both happily taken!
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Do you guys compete for jobs? Is being a twin in the industry a pro or a con?

"I've always left these sorts of things up to our agent, Jason Kanner, who has always taken very good care of us. My brother is my best friend, it's more difficult to not be happy for him. At the end of the day, I know that my bro is a good steward of everything he's been given and that allows me to be truly happy for any success he finds." -Brian, left.

"We dont compete for jobs, our careers went their own ways early on. we have separate clients and often spend time in separate markets. Also our Agents were smart to promote us as individuals." -Travis, right.

On Brian, left: J.Brand jeans, James Perse shirts, Polo flannel, Patagonia jacket, Emporio Armani watch. On Travis, right: Rock and Republic jeans, James Perse shirt, Polo flannel, Levis Jacket, Thom Browne beanie, Nixon watch.Photographed by Shanita Sims
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Do you think male models have a bad rep and if so why?

"I think people get a pretty bad rap sometimes, despite being inherently good. Models are only a random selection of the general population. No one decides to be attractive or not, so finding your identity in that is really too bad." -Brian, left.

"[Yes] because some people have screwed up priorities to begin with and this business has plenty of room for vanity. I think making an identity based on the symmetry of your face is pretty shallow but plenty of people find their worth in that which in turn gives them a bad name. Some people would then stereotype the entire group of people based on individuals, which is also wrong, I think history has proven this. Many of my close friends who make a living modeling do some pretty amazing things in this world which quickly over shadows any bad rep. This question is more about those who judge without all of the information." -Travis, right.

On Brian, left: Emporio Armani watch. On Travis, right: Nixon watch

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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Describe your personal fall style in 10 words or less.

"Function, adaptability, and some color. Cold doesn't mean wear black!"

Polo Blue Label blazer, vintage hoodie, Polo chambray, Red Wing boots, Rayban glasses, Tag Hauer watch, Terron Wood Bracelet

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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How has your style evolved over time?

"I always understood the importance of personal style in presenting yourself, even though growing up in central Texas we were very displaced from fashion. When I found myself working in fashion I paid attention to the great stylists and designers of the industry, whom I found myself standing in front of. It became a priceless education that I took and made my own. I observed most all of the fashion houses of Milan, Paris and New York with few exceptions. I appreciated the timeless and classic designers the most, while I was frustrated with those who tried to make their mark with shock value, which I realized was good for some "editorial" blurbs on the radar but was not lasting and not valuable to me. Everyday when I get dressed my instincts guide me toward what I believe to be good style based off that education. Most importantly, it has to make sense. That doesn't involve making big statements with your attire, I dont try to stand out with what I wear but by who I am!"

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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What are your top 3 stores in NYC?

Quality Mending Co., Billy Reid, and the Longboard Loft.

What are your favorite NYC date spots?

"Night hawk theater, Oak wine bar on Graham Avenue, Traif on South 4th —all in Williamsburg. Pearl oyster bar, Cafeteria, Peanut Butter & Co."

Pants, sweater, jacket and hat, all Polo, undershirt vintage from the Swedish Army, D& G belt.

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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What's your dream modeling gig?

"I never even knew modeling was a profession until we got scouted. Seeing the world, meeting all the great people I have (especially my wife), paying my mortgage every month, and having time to pursue my passions are all dreams come true. Shooting Chanel No. 5, my relationship with Polo, being represented by Jason Kanner are all dream modeling gigs! I've had dreams come true that I never even dreamed, but, if I had to give you a straight answer, a Louis Vuitton Campaign would be awesome, they always shoot in such incredible places."

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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If you had a theme song what would it be?

"I do. it's Matisyahu, "I will be light"!"

I know you're married, but if you weren't, what's the best way a girl could approach you?

"Well, I never appreciated girls being too forward about getting my attention. I would wonder if I didn't bite wouldn't she have just moved on to the next guy for the attention? You want a girl that seems to be interested in you, not just meeting somebody. My wife and I had a mutual friend and, being a little shy, she approached him who then made the introduction. I thought that was sincere and it definitely worked! On the flip side, when I was dating I would never ask a girl for her number the first time I met her. If it was meant to happen there would be another chance. Don't try and force things, the universe knows better than you, and the alcohol usually involved when this scenario is at hand!"

Red Wing boots.

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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Tell us about your line of skate clothing, Push Culture.

"Necessity is the mother of invention, or something like that. Push Culture started with wanting to design functional gear that would keep me commuting by skateboard through NYC winters. With all my experience with great clothing I realized "skate" brands were no more than big graphics on generic clothing patterns that didn't serve any function for the activity. I wanted to incorporate my style, my experience with top quality garments and my passion for active lifestyles. It's for anyone who thinks it looks good but it also serves me specifically if I crash out from 40 mph in a turn on my longboard. Durability meets mobility. It's not all heavy duty though, we just made a shirt this summer that has a cape back to keep the air flowing over the top of your back and keep you cool." -Travis, left. You can find Push Culture, online here.

On Travis, left: Push Culture pants, Tim Hamilton thermal, Push Culture button up, Supra shoes, Rayne Skateboard. On Brian, right: James Perse undershirt, Push Culture button down and shorts, Element shoes, Rei leggings, G-Star vest, Rayne skateboard.

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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You guys are really amazing skaters, do you think there's a place for skating in fashion?

"This year the Number Lab show had guys riding boards on the catwalk. There's a new commercial out now from the milk producers of America that uses longboarders. It's creeping into the mainstream from all angles. I like to think we can be good instigators of this cultural shift." -Brian, right.

Both skateboards by Rayne

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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How has living in New York affected your style?

"Being in New York has affected everything about me in one way or another. Living in the East Village allows me to see something new every day. Being able to honor the diversity of this city by taking little bits from the vast array of style and culture I experience is what I like to think makes a well rounded human being, not just dresser."

Vintage jacket, Replay jeans, Polo flannel, Stefano hat, Michael Kors watch.

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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What are your top 3 stores in NYC?

"James Perse, Patagonia, and whatever sample sale my girlfriend finds for us to check out (I'm really not much of a shopper)."

What are your favorite NYC date spots?

"Nina and I love Gnocco on 10th street in the East Village. There's nothing better than being steps away from an authentic brick oven!"

Stefano hat, Michael Kors watch.

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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What's your dream modeling gig?

"I continue to tell people whether it's the opportunities that I've had already or the bright future we look forward to, I've smashed through any hopes and dreams I imagined for myself a long time ago. I never imagined that being scouted in a parking lot would lead to living in the most culturally diverse part of the world and owning a company that I dream about at night. I guess you're looking for a tangible answer though so, I would really like to check out Diesel Island."

Thom Browne suit, YSL shoes, J. Lindenberg shirt, vintage Cartier watch, Alexander McQueen tie.

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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How has your style evolved over time?

"I think style should be timeless. Whether it's a new design or an age old standard, what's aesthetically pleasing to the eye shouldn't change very drastically. It's all in the details and they are the most important part of a nice look. I think the biggest evolution I've experienced is realizing that it's not so much about getting 'dressed up' as making what you wear look good. Just make it look good and it oughta fly."

YSL shoes

Photographed by Shanita Sims
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I know you're in a serious relationship, but if you weren't, what's the best way a girl could approach you?

"Just make eye contact, I'll take care of the rest."

Photographed by Shanita Sims

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