Why Are Stock Photos Of New York Women So Sexist & Offensive?

Portrayals of female life in New York City have been exaggerated in countless forms: television shows that convince young women that they can afford one too many Manolo Blahniks (on a freelance writer's salary); films that focus on some girl's obsession with shopping and dating and that's it; and books that highlight women as conniving, gossiping, and yet still very glamorous individuals. Unsurprisingly, internet stock photos take these stereotypes to an even more egregious level.
Last week, WNYC News published "35 Stock Photos Of Real New Yorkers Doing Things," where its data team compiled an array of photos the site claims are "illustrating quintessential NYC situations." Sure, there were situations we could all relate to — texting while walking, fanning ourselves while waiting on a sticky subway platform. But there was something about the way the New York women were portrayed ("Women applying makeup on subway," "Woman getting into cab ahead of other person waiting") that left us wanting to dig further.
So, we scanned an array of image-based websites. And we were right: Stock photos of women in New York City are just as sexist and offensive as we anticipated. According to these sites, shopping, hailing a cab, and taking selfies in front of the skyline — all while laughing and smiling as their hair perfectly blows in the wind — are the only activities that females based in this city seem to partake in.
Ahead, we've compiled 11 of the most ridiculous stock photos of New York women, published alongside their original captions for the the full effect. Grab a shopping bag, a latte, and your bestie, and prepare to be enraged.

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