The Biggest Misconceptions About Life In New York City

No city has been the subject of as much obsessive pop-culture attention as New York. Sitcoms build it up; action movies knock it down. In TV shows (Sex and the City, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), films (Annie Hall, When Harry Met Sally, Do the Right Thing), and songs (Frank Sinatra, Jay Z, Taylor Swift), the Big Apple does not merely have a character — it is a character.

It is also, despite this bright spotlight, often misunderstood. Is New York the frightening, crime-ridden place it was when Dick Wolf first debuted Law & Order 25 years ago? Are New Yorkers all wealthy, snobbish Upper East Siders, as portrayed by Gossip Girl? You can't trust everything (anything?) you see on TV. Ahead, see some of the most common misconceptions about the city that we call home (and that you might, too, someday).

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