6 Women Who Are Redefining Wellness In New York City

As New Yorkers, we deal with different variations and levels of stress on a daily basis. Meeting work deadlines. Finding a life partner in a sea of endless date disasters. Dishing out too much money for a too-little apartment month after month.
And, as New Yorkers, we're also constantly hearing about the Next Big Thing when it comes to our health. With endless opportunities at our disposal, we've seen tons of fads come and go that swear they'll help our mind and body. Juice cleanses, cult fitness classes...the list is endless. 
But, what really helps ease our physical and emotional woes in a city that has us constantly striving to be better than the best? It turns out it's different for everyone. It could be acupuncture, exercise, meditation, essential oils, or a revamped diet. Ahead, six female pioneers of New York's new wave of wellness dish on why it's more important than ever to take care of our bodies. Some are more focused on science-based techniques; others are taking a holistic approach. But, all six are bringing health into focus — and that's something we can get behind.
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