3 Essential Oil Combos To Crush Winter Ailments

The holiday season is allegedly about fun and festivities and spending time with our loved ones. Sometimes, that's what it's really like. Other times, it's more like dragging yourself all over town in the snow and waking up feeling like you got hit by a snowplow. All the late nights, socializing, and champagne can leave you feeling run-down — and vulnerable to getting some other partygoer's cold in addition to your very own hangover. Happy holidays to you!
We reached out to Brandi Ryans, a holistic practitioner who often uses essential oils to treat clients. Of course, there's nothing wrong with the old chicken-soup-and-aspirin approach, but you may be surprised by the power these oils have to relieve your symptoms and keep you feeling perky.
Here, Ryans shares her favorite oil combinations for headache and hangover, nasal congestion, and deep chest colds. They're easy, effective, and frankly, they smell a lot better than Vicks VapoRub.
There's no time for sick days, people. You've got merry to make. So, get well and get out there.

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