30 NYC-Made Pieces For When It's Too Hot To Wear Clothes

Take a look (or a step) outside. New York temperatures have hit the 90s, and we have officially entered a heat wave. Air quality alerts have been issued, heat indexes are clocking in at around 100 degrees thanks to humidity, and going outside almost feels like a chore.

Since stripping down and going nude on Broadway isn't exactly an option (though it has, no doubt, been done), we have no choice but to get creative when it comes to dressing for the inevitably sweaty journeys that we take daily. To beat the heat in style, we turn to our three faithful Ls: loose, lightweight, and [as] little fabric as possible. Because, really, nothing is better than throwing on a thin linen frock or jumpsuit — such as these 30, all made right here in New York City — to keep our legs from sticking (gross!) to our subway seat.

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