15 Perfect Dresses For New York Girls Who Hate Dresses

We'll be the the first to admit it: It's hard to dress for work when the temperatures skyrocket above 80 degrees in New York City. It's hot, it's humid, and — let's face it — it's gross. Even worse, all that time dedicated to looking good in the morning goes right out the window as soon as you step onto the subway platform. Oh, New York, how we love to hate you.
The thing is, getting dressed shouldn't be a chore. And during the summer, it can actually be easy — as easy as just throwing on a dress. According to NYC-based stylist Stacey Cunningham, a dress should be an item of clothing everyone should love — it's a summer outfit savior. "Don't worry about feeling too fancy or overdressed," she says, explaining that women who tend to shy away from this item of clothing shouldn't be scared.
"It's hot [in New York] and it's easier to wear a dress than jeans and a T-shirt," Cunningham explains. Plus, dresses are awesome for when you're in a sticky situation (pun intended), like "feeling hungover or running late," she continues. "It's easy, one-piece dressing [for women] on-the-go — it's fail-safe."
Feeling cautious about trading in your typical looks for a summer full of frocks? It's time to loosen up — literally. Ahead, Cunningham shares the three styles of dresses every woman (even those of us who prefer pants) will love — as well of tons of options to buy today.