50 Spring Things Every NYer Needs

We were only going to include a few items in this slideshow. We figured, why go to all that extra trouble when we could sum up our spring-shopping wish lists in three or four key buys? But, when we put pen to paper, one or two things became, well, 50. And, who are we to cut it short when we can go the extra mile?
Yes, we've drummed up a cool 50 must-buys that every New Yorker needs for spring. This covetable roster's got you covered, whether you're in the market for walkable shoes that don't look geriatric, delicate jewelry to wear every single day, or denim that can take you from event to event, season to season. Unfortunately, it does not include a personal spring-cleaning specialist for when all this goodness arrives on your doorstep. We're afraid you're gonna have to reorganize your own closet.