Late No More! 12 Watches To Keep You On Time In 2012

For many of us "being on time" is an anual New Year's resolution. But with the chicest tools (read: coolest watches), you won't mind being reminded to rush out the door with your makeup half on. And okay fine, smart phones may have replaced watches, but your cellie certainly isn't as timeless (hehe) as a timepiece. Plus, you can't really wear a phone— unless you're one of those 'hip clip' people—ew... we digress. We love finding the beauty in practicality, and what's more useful than a watch, especially as we begin to countdown the year? Justify a splurge purchase with the promise that you'll stick to the clock in 2012, or pick up some wrist candy on the cheap— either way, it's about damn time you start to resolve that resolution. Your friends/family/coworkers thank you in advance.
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