Hangover Cures From NYC Party Girls

In case you haven't heard, our hangovers are getting worse. We'd like to wager that you are, on this fine day, either a) currently experiencing a hangover, or b) anticipating a particularly brutal one tomorrow. 'Tis the season, right?
If only there were a rule that holiday parties must be observed with an official Day of Recovery, perhaps sponsored by Netflix and Pizza Hut. (Are you there, God? It's us, Refinery29.) Alas, there is no such day. And, we are busy people. We must go forth, bravely and boldly, even if our bleary eyes and sallow complexions make us want to run for the covers.
If anyone understands this set of circumstances particularly well, it's the six ladies in this slideshow. There are a few DJs, girls on the scene, and even one nightlife icon, all of whom know the power of a great concealer, a handy-dandy face mask, and a holy-grail moisturizer. Click on to see their beauty tips for looking like you kept yourself to a two-drink maximum last night, even if your breath still tastes like a gin martini after you've brushed your teeth. Twice.