14 Clutches Made For Your Most Extra Friends

Shopping for a clutch used to be as simple as picking up a generic silver lamé box bag from a department store shelf. But nowadays, the hand-held carryall section is made up of a mix-and-match of solid tone geometric pouches and bold, emoji-worthy designs. Which leads us to the question: When did clutches stop looking like clutches?
From Kate Spade's continuous roll-out of animal-shaped mini bags to Dolce & Gabbana's ability to turn any summer treat into a key-and-lock number, handbags — specifically the smaller versions — are showing that the minimalist route doesn't exactly apply. And when most brands are simplifying their stock to hero pieces and classic, everyday-use-type items, the hilarity of over-the-top clutch designs is refreshing and bold.
At the end of the day, the absurd and the cute have a deep place in our hearts. So while we might be screenshotting these to our friends with the caption, "Is this for real?!" we're also guilty of bookmarking them while we figure out just how extra we're allowed to be.

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