Period Be Damned, I’m Going To Have Sex This Valentine’s Day (Thanks To Nixit)

Period sex isn't for everyone, and we totally get that. I have symptoms like cramping, nausea, and migraines that don't lend themselves to feeling in the mood, and that's not even taking into account the red mess it creates. But this year, to make things even worse, that crimson tide is coming right in time for Valentine's Day. Apparently, my body got the memo that it's a day for all things red, much to my chagrin. Since I was looking forward to celebrating the day of romance with a night of intimacy, I am willing to try out period sex... if only I can make it easier or less messy. And according to this new lube bundle from Nixit, I totally can.

Lube Bundle, $85 $72

The newly discounted bundle includes several of the wellness company's best-sellers, like its stunning bottle of lubricant (which I already gave an extremely rave review for!), as well as its menstrual cup. Unlike most reusable menstrual cups, Nixit's sits right below your cervix to collect blood flow while leaving your vaginal canal free for partner play and penetration. In layman's terms: bloodless period sex. It also doesn't use suction to stay in place and is instead "tucked" behind the pubic bone. It's similar to one-use flexible menstrual discs that also are inserted the same way, but, of course, these can be used again and again — if taken care of, the medical-grade silicon cup can last for years.
According to the product's over 5,000 five-star reviews, it's "life-changing." Not only do impressed users love how easy it is to insert (even with tilted cervixes!), but it's also comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time and has little to no risk of leakage. One reviewer boasts, "I have never had a leak. Not even during sex!" Which sounds pretty damn good to us.

I have never had a leak. Not even during sex!

Stephanie B., nixit reviewer
There is one advantage to period sex, however. Blood can act as a natural lubricant, so, once blocked, things can get a little dry. That's where Nixit's lube comes in. The organic, water-based lube requires only a pump or two to keep slick as long as you want and is totally safe to use with condoms. Plus, Nixit recommends using it to help with menstrual cup insertion, if that's something you need some extra glide for.

Though leaks are an extreme rarity, this bundle also comes with cleansing wipes to pick up stray droplets (or if you need to empty your cup on the go) as well as a foaming wash for the cup so you can keep it clean once your flow finally stops. The folks at Nixit have truly thought of everything, and I appreciate that they seem to have put in as much thought into period sex as I have. And I'm especially grateful that includes making sure my Valentine's Day sex plans remain undisturbed.

Whether your plans are with a partner, a tryst, or a toy, you can get yours, too, period be damned.

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