In A World Of Endless Options, This Sustainable Organic Lube Is Worth Shouting About

No, it's not just you. The sexual wellness industry is booming. Honestly, these days you can even grab chic vibrators at mega-retailers like Nordstrom and Sephora (which is great, and we love to see it!), so it's unsurprising that new brands crop up every other hour, insisting on having the best, must-try products for your most intimate parts. But with so much choice, sometimes it can be difficult to cut through the noise and find out what's actually worth trying. For some reason, one of the most saturated fields in the market is lubricants. Oil-based, water-based, natural, scented, flavored — there are hundreds of variations of the seemingly simple product. Luckily for you, I've tried them all, and I'm here to shout your head off about a new noteworthy arrival from Nixit that you need to add to your shopping list ASAP.
If you missed Nixit's entrance into the health and wellness scene, let me introduce you. The brand's incredible mission is to nix (we see you) period product waste while decreasing the stigma historically associated with menstruation. So, why exactly did a sustainable period brand decide to dip its toe into the vast sea of lubricants?

“Each product we’ve brought to market is a natural extension of our inaugural menstrual cup, and yet, multipurpose in its own way,” says Rachael Newton, Nixit's founder. She compares attitudes to lube as similar to that of menstrual products. "Lube is a very hush-hush product, despite it being incredibly practical in so many situations." Beyond that, the lube can actually be used with the menstrual cup to ease insertion as well as during sexual activities, when it's perfect for both "cup and non-cup users" per Newton.
But how much should you trust a menstrual cup brand when it comes to lube? It turns out the people at Nixit know exactly what they're doing, because there was no part of this lubricant that I didn't love. Already sold on the mission, I was excited to see what I was actually dealing with, and none of it disappointed. After reaching out, the brand's reps asked if I'd also be interested in sampling its menstrual disc, with the addendum that they didn't want to assume I menstruated (and how much do we stan that kind of inclusive intro?).

By normalizing historically-taboo products, and the conversations around them, the brand is continuing to empower people to have more comfortable and shameless experiences.

- rachael NEWTON, nixit founder
Immediately put at ease, I was unsurprised to unbox the least lube-looking lubricant bottle I'd ever seen. If your reference point for lube is a clear squirt bottle that'll spend its days rolling around the bottom of your nightstand drawer, it's time to reevaluate. Nixit's rounded bottle is a vibrant light green with a convenient pump. Not only is that a perfect mess-free solution to over-distributing lubricant (a plight I am all too familiar with), but the design looked like it belonged right next to the fancy L'Occitane hand soap my mother gifted me for my housewarming. To say that this bottle is accessible is an understatement. It's meant to be proudly displayed. It deserves that.

But we all know that just because something looks pretty doesn't mean it works well. That's decidedly not the case with Nixit's lubricant. This stuff is good. In my hand, the lube felt thicker than most I'd used before. More substantive. I worried that it'd be sticky or greasy, but it was neither. In fact, it felt pretty damn natural. It honestly felt like how you feel on your best, wettest day. As if you had just made a whole lot more lubricant down there. Which is exactly what I want a lube to do.

The lube's real claim to fame, though, is its 100% organic, all-natural formula.  Its naturally-derived and organic aloe vera-based formula felt ultra-moisturizing and actually encouraged my vag's own lubrication production, keeping me feeling good and wet just after one small pump. Not only did it feel good (and keep feeling good), but it felt as natural as the ingredients it was made out of (and without any distracting scents). Plus, because it's a water-based lubricant, it won't break down latex condoms or silicone toys (like oil-based lubes can), so you don't have to worry about what accessories you're bringing into the bedroom with it.

Truly, if you're looking for your next lube, this one is it.

Feels super natural, and we don't have to stop at all to reapply... the little green bottle stays on the nightstand all month long.

brandon, nixit reviewer
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