8 Flavored Lubes That Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

Even if you think you don't need to use lubricant, you might want to consider that it could add a lot to your sex life, whether you're using it for sex with a partner or for solo play with a sex toy.
While the vagina is self-lubricating, not all of us may be having vaginal sex all the time, and even then, it doesn't hurt to get a little extra help — and don't be afraid to get a little messy.
"Everyone has different levels of natural lubrication, and there is no normal," sex therapist Vanessa Marin told us back in 2016.
But if you've ever had a moment in which you're not feeling wet enough for a good time just yet, lube could be your new best friend.
There's at least one out there for everyone, from silicone lubricants to water-based ones, and everything in between. Plus, you can even make your own lube at home, should you be so inclined.
Finding the right one for you (and your partner, if you feel like sharing) is a personal journey, but while you're at it, we'd love to suggest a few that will add some flavor to your sex life — literally.
While you can use flavored lube however you'd like, we should mention that they come in particularly handy when it comes to blowjobs. And whether you love coconut, or you're obsessed with strawberry, there's one for everyone.
Read on for a few of our favorite flavored lubricants.

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