Miamians Riot Over Ugly, Ugly Glow-In-The-Dark Shoe

No, no – they didn't riot against the shoe, which was probably your first thought. Instead, the MPD riot squad was in force and lives were put at risk because a crowd of sneakerheads at Florida Mall wanted the new Nike Foamposite Galaxy (unfortunately pictured above) sooooo badly that they attempted to push past security even after the shopping center was closed. Talk about brand loyalty. Now, while us R29ers have been known to wait online for limited-edition items, running and trampling is not our game (even if the piece in question has a high resell value like the $220 Nikes.) Other stores across the country experienced similar problems with the star-field-emblazoned kicks (whose print would actually look pretty good on a T-shirt or dress). But our town saw the worst of it. As one bystander was quoted, "It's all about the swag." Well, to each their own. Just try to keep it classy and safe next time, okay? (Orlando Sentinel)
Photos: via Orlando Sentinel.

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