The Beauty Products Nigerian Women Swear By

Courtesy of Jackie Aina
You can't scroll through Pinterest or Instagram's Explore page without seeing at least one Nigerian beauty blogger slaying in all of her melanated glory. Believe it or not, but there was once a time when darker skin and coarser hair were considered lesser than within the beauty industry. Even Nigerian hair had a reputation for being tough and unmanageable. While there are still hills to climb regarding those century-old beliefs (Nivea released a "natural fairness" ad campaign in Africa... in October 2017), women of all skin tones defy those standards with every selfie.
"Nigerian girl beauty can be bold, natural, glowy, makeup-free... whatever she wants, she makes it happen," Whitney Madueke, a blogger and model, says. "It is beauty that exists based on the diverse cultures in Nigeria and inspiration from elsewhere."
Of course, a mean highlighter never hurts, either. Ahead, see what some of our favorite influencers are adding to their carts this summer.
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