New Yorkers Would Rather Have Sex With Tina Fey Than Lady Gaga


Sure, there's that couple next to you who decided to play tonsil hockey across the dinner table instead of in the privacy of their own home. And yeah, the sex shops are usually busy, even at 3 a.m., but overall, New Yorkers' sex lives are as much a mystery as what goes down at The Box. Luckily, to de-mystify sexy time in the Big Apple, Time Out New York, surveyed a couple thousand people and arrived at some surprising (or not) sex-tistics. Here are our top five:
1. New Yorkers would rather have sex with Tina Fey than Lady Gaga... by a whopping 10%! Looks like humor wins in this bad romance, and after reading Bossypants, we kind of agree.

2. 434 poll participants have had sex to get something. You know that's like...illegal, right? Just ask Spitzer.
3. Only 3% have gone all the way in a cab. Believe us, with 78% of people locking lips in a cab, we say "only" with a sigh of great relief.
4. 225 poll participants have had sex with 51 people or more. That's... too many people. Not impressed. Definitely grossed out.
5. 87% believe that monogamy is possible in NYC. Awww we're ending on a nice one. Good to see the faith is there, you sex-crazed urbanites. Now go have fun...but please, not in the cabs.
(Time Out New York)

Photos: Courtesy of NBC (Tina Fey) and Vanity Fair (Lady Gaga)