New Karen Walker Glasses Nail That “Don’t-Talk-To-Us-But-Check-Us-Out” Vibe

There’s a reason why the perfect summer sunglasses are incredibly difficult to come across. They have to fulfill two separate and seemingly contradictory needs: one is needing to feel like a star in your sunglasses and the other is to feel like you can effectively disappear behind them. They need to be both a statement when you’re feeling gregarious and a piece of armor when you’re feeling less-than-fresh. Summer sunnies let you stand out and hide away, sometimes at the same time. Karen Walker nails that elusive balance, and the line's new styles, called SUPERSTARS, take that mix of look-at-me and can’t-see-me-looking-at-you to the next level. These glasses come in classic Karen Walker styles, like the Helter Skelter and One Worship, and reinvent them in a solid black acetate, deck them out in gold hardware, and install crazy-opaque mirrored lenses that’ll let you zone out (or creep) to your heart’s content. They’re inspired by the black and white images of Studio 54 in the ‘70s, where you were as likely to accessorize your gold lamé jumpsuit with foot-tall platforms as you were a white horse. In short: These aren’t just your typical oh-it’s-bright-out specs. They're meant to be worn when you’re feeling even more radiant than the sun, but bold mirrored lenses mean that no one’s getting past you without your permission. The glasses are available now on
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