The Snob's Guide To Detoxing Your Beauty Routine

You like your moisturizers silky smooth and rose-scented, your lip color in a gilded tube, and your perfume in a crystal flacon. You've always preferred the finer things in life, especially if you can only track them down online from websites with URLs ending in .fr and even more so if they're the best money can buy (or maybe it's just if they require the most money to buy).
But you're reading more and more about parabens, you saw someone on your Facebook feed share something about lead in lipstick, and the next thing you know you're Googling frantically to see if your $400 serum contains any known or suspected endocrine disruptors. What's a beauty snob to do when they want to detox their beauty routine, so to speak, without sacrificing quality... or luxury?
Actually, that's easy: Now that the clean beauty movement has spread far beyond the Whole Foods aisle (which is looking pretty great lately, by the way) and well into the prestige realm, replacing your most beloved high-end products of sadly dubious safety with greener, more natural solutions of equal extravagance, like the ones ahead, is just a matter of typing in your Amex security code. And by the way, stop calling it a detox — this is an upgrade.

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