Your Name's Secret Meaning, Revealed

"What's in a name?" Shakespeare's Juliet asks. Well, actually, a lot. Some believe that your name — based on the letters it includes and their placement — can provide some pretty enlightening insights into your personality, goals, and dreams, and even how you approach difficult situations. According to numerology, its letters hold hidden meanings.
Numerology is "the study of numbers, and the occult manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies," says Each letter has a numeric value that allows you to decode your name (or, a friend's, S.O.'s, or crush's). Ahead, with the help of a few extensive online sources, we break down the meanings of your initials according to numerology — but there are no crazy equations involved, we promise.
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Numerology 101
Let's take care of a few basics about numerology and how it relates to the alphabet before we delve into the nitty-gritty. While it is a study of numbers, we’re going to focus on each letter’s numerological meaning rather than getting into math. There are three types of letters in names, according to numerology: the cornerstone, capstone, and first vowel.

The cornerstone is the first letter of your name, says "It provides general insight about your essential personality, and it has a lot to say about your approach to life's speed bumps and open doors." The capstone, as you may have inferred, is the last letter and it "translates into your 'finishing' number. When you look at your cornerstone and capstone — the letters that bookend your name — you can determine how easy it is for you to start and stop important processes and projects."

Most names are spelled with at least one vowel. The first (or only) first vowel of your first name "gets to your core," claims the site. "Think of the deepest goals, urges, and dreams that drive you in all you do — this letter offers a glimpse into this area of life." Only your nearest and dearest may know these traits about you.
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The Letter: A
It's little wonder A names are drawn to adjectives like "ambitious" or "adventurous." "You do not change your mind under someone else's pressure," explains "A natural leader, you want to be in charge and need to have a purpose. You have courage, but make sure you're also flexible and take other people's ideas seriously." You may have some arrogant tendencies though (no one's perfect) — so just be sure to keep 'em in check.
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Popular "A" Names: Ashley, Amanda, Aisha

We looked to census data from the years millennials were born — roughly between 1981 and 1996 — and picked some of the most popular names that start with each letter (though we took some liberties, too, in order to reflect a wider variety of cultures).

Ashley was "originally derived from place names meaning 'ash-tree clearing,'" says Behind the Name. Until the '60s, it was more commonly used as a boys' name.

Amanda saw a renaissance of sorts in the 17th century. "It was recreated by authors and poets who based it directly on Latin amanda — meaning 'lovable, worthy of love.'"

Aisha means "alive" in Arabic. It was the name of Muhammad's third wife. In the U.S., it started gaining popularity in the '70s and became more widespread after Stevie Wonder named his daughter Aisha in 1975.

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Did You Know...
Though there is some debate, it is largely believed that Phoenician sea merchants invented the original alphabet. In its earliest iteration, it didn't have any vowels, and writing read right to left. A's earliest ancestor is aleph, the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet.

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The Letter: B
Those with "B" in their names can tend to be more introverted and sensitive than others. But, that doesn't mean they can't also be personable and compassionate. "You are all about peace — you need it in order to be happy. Although you are very loyal, make sure to keep an open mind and think for yourself more often," advises
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Popular "B" Names: Brittany, Brianna, Bianca

Brittany comes from a region in the northwest of France by the same name. It didn't become a popular name in the U.S. until the '70s.

Brianna is the feminine form of Brian, meaning "hill," or, by extension, "high" and "noble."

Bianca is Latin in origin: It translates to "white" or "fair." Shakespeare used characters named Bianca in Taming of the Shrew and Othello, says Behind the Name.

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Did You Know...
In English, "B" is a bilabial consonant, meaning it's articulated with both lips. It's physically impossible to utter it without parting both of yours. Other bilabial consonants include P, M, and W.

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The Letter: C
"Sharing is caring" might as well be your life's motto. "You wear your heart on your sleeve — lucky, since you have a strong instinct about matters of the heart," says "You express yourself clearly and are also witty — a 'life of the party' sort. You are also very outspoken and upbeat." Who could forget Carrie Bradshaw and her nameplate necklace?
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Popular "C" Names: Christina, Chelsea, Courtney

Christina is the female form of Christian, which comes "from the medieval Latin name Christianus, meaning 'a Christian,'" says Behind the Name. It has been in use since the Middle Ages.

Chelsea is "the name of a district in London, originally derived from Old English and meaning 'landing place for chalk or limestone,'" according to the site.

Courtney comes from an aristocratic English surname meaning "short nose."

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Did You Know...
According to, "C has the greatest sound range of all English consonants, overlapping with the values of K, Q, S, T, and X." Talk about versatile.

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The Letter: D
Ds are doers: Determined, grounded, and pragmatic — sometimes to a fault. "You have great systems in place for getting things done...[but] be careful not to be too stubborn, because at your best, you shine under pressure and can get things done fast," says
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Popular "D" Names: Danielle, Diana, Deborah

Danielle is the feminine form of Daniel, which is Hebrew for "God is my judge." It's biblical in origin, as Daniel was a prophet in the Old Testament.

Diana means "heavenly" or "divine." Diana is the Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, forests, and childbirth. (In Greek mythology, she's known as Artemis.)

Deborah means "bee" in Hebrew. It "was first used by English Christians after the Protestant Reformation," says Behind the Name, and it was popular among the Puritans.

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Did You Know...
"Where related letters A, B, and C are immortalized in the ubiquitous 'Alphabet Song,' the only song D is featured in is the subpar 'Take It Off' by The Donnas," quips this comedic (and admittedly fake) encyclopedia entry. It also goes on to commend the letter's "place of prestige as the 12th-most used letter in the English alphabet."

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The Letter: E
Es are a keen bunch, not easily deceived, and they "can see a situation from many different sides." According to, those with the letter in their name "are freedom-loving, sensual, and enthusiastic." You not only "believe strongly in falling in love," but are "outgoing and the life of the party."
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Popular "E" Names: Elizabeth, Emily, Erin

Elizabeth is another name with biblical origins — it means "oath to God." Since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, it's been very popular in England. Today, it's the 10th most popular female name in the U.S.

Emily "comes from the Roman family name Aemilius, which was derived from Latin aemulus , meaning 'rival,'" says Behind the Name.

Erin is the anglicized form of Eireann, meaning "Ireland."

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Did You Know...
E is the most frequently used letter in many alphabets, including ours. T and A rank second and third in the English alphabet, respectively. One out of every eight letters written is an E.
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The Letter: F
"You are nurturing: both responsible and a good host, self-sacrificing, and very easy to get along with," explains But, your empathic nature means you may also have a difficult time trying "not to stick your nose in or interfere in situations where you're not welcome."
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Popular "F" Names: Felicity, Francesca, Frieda

Felicity "is from the English word 'felicity,' meaning 'happiness,' which ultimately derives from Latin 'felicitas' — 'good luck,'" according to Behind the Name. It saw a revival after the late-'90s TV show Felicity.

Francesca is the feminine form of Francis, which is the "English form of the late Latin name 'Franciscus,' which meant 'Frenchman.'"

Frieda is a Germanic name meaning "peace."

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Did You Know...
The letter F is an early ancestor of the letters U, V, and W. Even today, it takes on a "V" sound in certain words.

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The Letter: G
You're an imaginative soul, and that makes you an inspiring person to be around. Not only are you "an intellectually active person with loads of drive and the ability to make things happen," but you "think on your feet, even though you prefer to be very systematic," says "You may even feel psychic sometimes."
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Popular "G" Names: Grace, Gabrielle, Gina

Grace is a virtue name created by the Puritans in the 17th century.

Gabrielle is a feminine form of Gabriel, meaning "strong man of God."

Gina, though now a standalone name, is actually a short form of Georgina, Regina, and others.

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Did You Know...
The modern "G" was introduced in 312 BC to a reformed Latin alphabet in order to prevent confusion, according to Before that, there was one letter to represent the hard "G" and "K" sounds.
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The Letter: H
H represents creativity and power. advises those with the letter in their name to "fight any doubts you might have about yourself and spend plenty of time outdoors."
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Popular "H" Names: Hannah, Heather, Hope

Hannah comes from the Hebrew Channah, meaning "favor" or "grace," according to Behind the Name. But, we'll always associate it with the self-proclaimed voice of our generation.

Heather is an English word that describes a variety of small shrubs with pink or white flowers, commonly grown in rocky areas.

Hope, like Grace, is a virtue name created and made popular by Puritans in the 17th century.

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Did You Know...
For certain words, usually those of French origin, beginning with the letter H, there's a bit of controversy over the use of "a" versus "an:" Should it be an heroic attempt and an historic occasion, or a heroic attempt and a historic occasion?

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The Letter: I
Balance is key for I. "You are a compassionate person who feels things deeply," says "Make sure you stick close to projects and have direction — otherwise, you might suffer from anxiety." Many Is have an affinity for the arts.
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Popular "I" Names: Isabella, Iris, Irene

Isabella is a variant of Elizabeth. The name was a popular one for many medieval royals: Plenty of English, French, Portuguese, and Hungarian queens bore it.

Iris is rooted in Greek mythology and means "rainbow."

Irene is derived from a Greek word meaning "peace," according to Behind the Name.

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Did You Know...
You know that little dot? It's called a superscript dot. According to Oxford Dictionaries, "It was added to the letter i in the Middle Ages to distinguish the letter (in manuscripts) from adjacent vertical strokes in such letters as u, m, and n."

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The Letter: J
"In this specific case, 'J' is for justice. You are all about fairness and balancing the scales," says "You make an exemplary friend and try hard to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable." Don't forget about your own needs, though. "Make sure to motivate yourself enough to tap into natural talents."
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Popular "J" Names: Jessica, Jennifer, Jasmine

Jessica "was first used in this form by Shakespeare in his play The Merchant of Venice (1596), where it belongs to the daughter of Shylock," says Behind the Name.

Jennifer may be a very common name, but it has a special history: Guinevere was the name of King Arthur's wife.

It's little coincidence that Jasmine spiked in popularity during the early '90s. Aladdin, anyone?

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Did You Know...
J wasn't always a standalone letter. In the 13th century, it developed as a graphic variant of I. explains that "its status was uncertain for centuries. Lists published as recently as the early 19th century did not always have I and J as separate letters of the alphabet."

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The Letter: K
You may think you have K figured out — after all, you've seen every episode of KUWTK. And, while many "K" names are forces to be reckoned with, they're also "deeply feeling and artistic" and "all about enlightenment," says "Be careful of anxiety and hesitation, because [Ks] tend to be high-strung." If you've ever seen Kourtney fight with Scott, you know this is no lie.
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Popular "K" Names: Katherine, Kayla, Khadija

Katherine has a rather storied history. The short version: In the early Christian era, it became associated with the Greek word for "pure."

Kayla is actually a short form of Katherine, and it didn't become popular until the '80s.

Khadija means "premature child" in Arabic. It was the name of the Prophet Muhammad's first wife. According to Behind the Name, she was the first person to convert to Islam.

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Did You Know...
Originally, K was of little use in the Latin alphabet. For a time, Romans used C and Q to attain that distinct kay sound. But, over time, it made the cut. Not all letters were so fortunate: Here are 12 letters that are obsolete.

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The Letter: L
Overthinking is a friend to no one, but L is especially susceptible to the pastime. "You are very heady, and tend to overthink rather than experience life. Do not allow this quality to make you indecisive," urges Take a step back and acknowledge the positives. "You are also very honest and tolerant, generous, and kind-hearted. Fond of travel, you should look out for missteps or clumsiness during times of high anxiety. Seek balance."
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Popular "L" Names: Layla, Laura, Lindsay

Layla means "night" in Arabic and was made popular in romantic poems written by a 7th-century poet known only as Qays.

Laura is the feminine form of a Latin name meaning "laurel." In ancient Rome, the leaves of laurel trees were used to create victors' garlands — making this moniker a flattering one to those conferred it.

Lindsay was a primarily male name until the '70s — it became popular for girls due to its similarity to the name Linda, Behind the Name suggests.

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Did You Know...
The word "alphabet" comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha and beta. Likewise, L originated with the Phoenician letter lamed, and was then adopted into Greek as lambda (ʌ), which became the Roman letter L, according to the encyclopedia.

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The Letter: M
According to, "You are a workaholic" (they don't mince words, do they?) and "need a steady financial base in order to feel secure." While you may not need much sleep and are generally very healthy, remember that even the most high-energy among us have limits. "Also, make sure your drive doesn't make you impatient with other people."
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Popular "M" Names: Melissa, Michelle, Megan

Melissa means "bee" in Greek. (After all, you've always wondered why people call you "sweet." Now you know!)

Michelle is a French, feminine form of Michael, a Biblical name that means "Who is like God?"

Megan is a short version of Margaret that only become popular in the 20th century. Other sources cite the meaning as "strong" or "little pearl."

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Did You Know...
M originated in the Phoenician symbol mem — as a zigzag line, probably representing water.

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The Letter: N
Always one to take the path less traveled, "you are a 'think outside the box' kind of person — creative and original," says And, you match your originality with an equally strong will. This last part may seem counterintuitive, but surprisingly, you are also quite "systematic about your life, documenting experiences in diary form, and might have your share of romantic 'entanglements.'"
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Popular "N" Names: Nicole, Natalie, Naomi

Nicole is Greek for "victory of the people." (Think of the word "Nike" — same root word.)

Natalie comes "from the late Latin name Natalia, which means "Christmas Day" from Latin natale domini," says Behind the Name.

Naomi is a Hebrew name from the Old Testament meaning "pleasantness."

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Did You Know...
Ever wonder that that squiggly line over the Spanish Ñ (as well as many other foreign characters) is called? It's a tilde.

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The Letter: O
You're as straight-edge as they come. "You know where the moral high ground is, and you always take it. That's because your spiritual beliefs are as strong as your will," says For you, boundaries are a good thing — heck, encouraged — and laws and rules are meant to be upheld. You're probably pretty sensitive, too, especially when others break the rules. Beware of jealousy.
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Popular "O" Names: Olivia, Olga, Ophelia

Olivia "was first used in this spelling by William Shakespeare for a character in his comedy Twelfth Night," says Behind the Name.

Olga is a Russian form of the Scandinavian Helga, meaning "holy" or "blessed."

Ophelia is Greek for "help." Again, Shakespeare swoops in: The moniker belongs to Hamlet's drowning lover.

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Did You Know...
Out of all the letters in the modern Latin alphabet, the graphic form of O (a circle) has remained, perhaps, the most constant from Phoenician times until today. Then, the symbol meant eye — which is fitting.

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The Letter: P
The letter P is generally associated with people who are "very intellectual and have a broad base of knowledge." (Is it because of philosophy and various other lengthy "P" words? Or, pi?) This makes for a great first impression, but be wary of coming across as distant and impatient, says "Make sure to let go, and to be more generous with your time." So, less pi and more pie. Excellent.
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Popular "P" Names: Penelope, Pamela, Patricia

Penelope is the name of Odysseus' ever-patient wife in Homer's epic The Odyssey. It's also possibly derived from the Greek penelops, a type of duck.

Pamela"was invented in the late 16th century by the poet Sir Philip Sidney for use in his poem 'Arcadia.' It's thought that he intended it to mean 'all sweetness' from two Greek words meaning 'all' and 'honey,'" says Behind the Name. Fun fact: It's also the name of Danny Tanner's late wife on Full House.

Patricia, the feminine form of Patrick, comes "from the Latin name Patricius, which meant 'nobleman.'"

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Did You Know...
For those familiar with the Greek alphabet, you already know the letter is derived from pi (Π). And, we reiterate, who doesn't like pie?

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The Letter: Q
Although you're naturally attuned to money, "your instability can lead to financial downturns," warns "You are a natural-born leader with a great power to persuade, although on a personal level, you're a tough nut to crack." Mysterious is a good word to describe you and, sometimes, people talk behind your back. "Luckily, you speak your mind and you speak it eloquently."
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Popular "Q" Names: Quinn, Quinlan, Queenie

Quinn is an Irish baby name meaning "counsel" and "intelligent." It's also the name of Daria's loquacious little sister.

Quinlan is also Irish, a surname meaning "descendent of Caoinlean." "The name Caoinlean means 'slender' in Gaelic," according to Behind the Name.

Queenie is a nickname version of Queen, meaning "woman" or "wife." All hail.

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Did You Know...
You won't be all too surprised to hear Q is one of the least used letters in the alphabet — down at the bottom with Z. But, when it is used, Q makes it count with eloquent words like queen, quest, and quintessential. For geography buffs: It's the only letter not included in the name of any U.S. state.

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The Letter: R
You feel feelings — a lot. And, this inner intensity often "emanates outward." Not only do you possess an inherently kind nature, but you also have an exemplary work ethic — meaning you'll make sure a job gets done, no matter what. That said, advises you "make sure to keep a balance and to work well with others."
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Popular "R" Names: Rachel, Rashida, Renee

Rachel is Hebrew and means "ewe." In the Old Testament, this is the name of Jacob's favorite wife, says Behind the Name.

Rashida is the feminine version of Rashid and means "rightly guided" in Arabic.

Renee comes from the late Latin name meaning "born again."

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Did You Know...
Many languages of the world trill its Rs. Though, it's especially difficult for native English speakers. Here's a tutorial for those of you (this author included) who can't seem to nail it.

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The Letter: S
Though charming and charismatic, S is also very sensitive and those with the letter in their names "feel things deeply," according to This, in turn, "can lead to overly dramatic reactions and an intense inner life." Making sure you're seeing a situation for what it is will help you balance and steady your "emotional ups and downs."
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Popular "S" Names: Sarah, Samantha, Sangeeta

Sarah "means 'lady' or 'princess' in Hebrew. This is the name of the wife of Abraham in the Old Testament," says Behind the Name. Now, it's the name of approximately every third girl you went to high school with.

Samantha was actually a "was fairly uncommon [name] until 1964, when it was popularized by the main character on TV show Bewitched."

Sangeeta is a Hindi name for women meaning "music" or "musical," according to Sing on, Sangeeta.

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Did You Know...
More English words begin with the letter "S" than with any other letter. (Well, la-dee-dah, Ms. Popular.) Just for the record, in order of popularity, they are: s, a, c, m, p, r, t, b, f, g, d, h, i, n, e, l, o, w, u, v, j, k, q, y, z, x. That's something to remember when shopping for personalized jewelry!

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The Letter: T
Always doing something and on-the-go: That's the life of a T to a, well, tee. "You like life in the fast lane. Remind yourself to slow down, because you are often taking on new and exciting projects," explains "You're also assertive — even aggressive — in your personal relationships. Keep your feelings and outward appearance in check, and don't get too sensitive."
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Popular "T" Names: Taylor, Tiffany, Theresa

Taylor was originally used as an English surname for those who were tailors — it translates to "to cut." Now, we associate it with a certain red-lipped singer.

In the Middle Ages, Tiffany "was traditionally given to girls born on the Epiphany (Jan. 6), the festival commemorating the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus," says Behind the Name. The name saw a resurgence in popularity in the U.S. after the film Breakfast at Tiffany's, was released in 1961.

The origins of the name Theresa are a bit uncertain. Behind the Name notes that it could be derived from Greek words for "summer" or "to harvest."

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Did You Know...
Like O, T has retained its shape over languages, cultures, and centuries.

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The Letter: U
If you have "U" in your name, then you probably have a "give-and-take kind of life," says "You might gain a lot, only to lose it, but will always break even." The trick here is to commit — whatever the project or whoever the person. You're naturally lucky, but you should also remember to "tap into your instinct and creativity."
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Popular "U" Names: Uma, Ursula, Ulla

Uma means "flax" in Sanskrit. "In Hindu texts, it is said to derive from the Sanskrit exclamation 'u ma,' meaning 'O (child), do not (practice austerities)!' which was addressed to [the goddess] Parvati by her mother." We'll long associate this name with "Thurman."

Ursula is derived from a Latin word meaning "little bear."

Ulla is largely a Scandinavian name. It's the feminine form of Ulrich, meaning "prosperity and power."

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Did You Know...
"The distinction in English between u as vowel and v as consonant was not made consistently in print until the 17th century," claims the encyclopedia. "Previously, the distinction tended to be positional, not phonological," which means words like "under" and "live" would have been written "vnder" and "lieu." V was used to begin words while u was used in the middle of them. Phew. Glad our language sorted that one out.

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The Letter: V
If you have the letter V in your name, you likely have great intuition — "sometimes you may even feel psychic," says Just be sure not to let it get the better of you. "You have lofty goals and the will to bring them into reality. Use your efficiency, but be careful not to be too eccentric" — as it could hurt you in certain situations. "Also, beware your own unpredictability and possessiveness," heeds the site.
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Popular "V" Names: Victoria, Vanessa, Vidya

Victoria comes "directly from Latin victoria meaning 'victory,'" says Behind the Name. It wasn't a popular moniker until the 19th century, when Queen Victoria ruled the British monarchy.

Vanessa has a rather storied past: It was invented by Jonathan Swift in the 1726 poem 'Cadenus and Vanessa.'

Vidya means "knowledge, science, learning" in Sanskrit.

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Did You Know...
In German, "V" is generally pronounced as "F."

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The Letter: W
You're intuitive, determined, charismatic, and have a strong sense of purpose. But, you tend to be a chronic procrastinator. (We know a thing or two about that.) "Take full advantage of your own creativity," says
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Popular "W" Names: Willow, Whitney, Wendy

Willow comes from the tree of the same name. The entertainment industry loves this poetic name: Will Smith's daughter and the Buffy character are just a couple of famous examples.

Whitney is a "surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning 'white island' in Old English," says Behind the Name.

Wendy can thank J. M. Barrie's play Peter Pan (1904) for its popularity. Before that, the name was sometimes (albeit rarely) used as a nickname for Gwendolyn.

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Did You Know...
English is the only language in which you pronounce "W" as, well, "W."

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The Letter: X
"You are a creative, sensual person who engages with people easily and soaks up information like a sponge," says "Be careful that this enthusiasm and passion doesn't make you too passionate in sexual matters. You can also be moody and have to be careful to avoid addictions."
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Popular "X" Names: Xena, Xenia, Xiomara

Xena will forever be associated with the main character in the '90s television series Xena: Warrior Princess.

Xenia means "hospitality" in Greek, which comes from xenos (guest, stranger).

Xiomara is possibly a Spanish form of Guiomar, which, in turn, is derived from the German "Wigmar," meaning "famous in war."

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Did You Know...
Ever wonder how exactly the "XOXO" we sign to our emails and birthday cards came to means "hugs and kisses"? “The common custom of placing Xs on envelopes, notes, and at the bottom of letters to mean kisses dates back to the Middle Ages, when a Christian cross was drawn on documents or letters to mean sincerity, faith, and honesty,” says the Wikipedia page for Hugs and Kisses.

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The Letter: Y
Pushing the envelope is practically your middle name, Ys. (Can't be tamed, right, Miley?) "Your ambition and courage make you naturally independent, even though you come across as reserved," explains "Be careful not to be too slow in making decisions — trust your natural gift of intuition."
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Popular "Y" Names: Yvette, Yvonne, Yulia

Yvette is the feminine form of Yves — as in Yves Saint Laurent.

Yvonne is the feminine form of Yvon, which is a diminutive version of Yves.

Yulia is an Eastern European form of Julia, which is often translated as "youthful."

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Did You Know...
If you read any Old English texts, you'll notice Y and I used interchangeably.

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The Letter: Z
While "you are naturally upbeat and charismatic," that's not to say you're easy to please. In fact, you may ask quite a bit of others and expect them to perform on your level. "Balance this out with common sense and understanding — compassion is a strong suit of yours." You're intelligent and quick-witted — just try not to be too "impatient or impulsive."
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Popular "Z" Names: Zoe, Zakiyah, Zara

Zoe means "life" in Greek. (Or, you could spell it "Zooey," if you're going to be all quirky about it.)

Zakiyah is an Arabic name meaning "pure."

Zara "came to public attention when Princess Anne gave it to her daughter in 1981. Use of the name may also be influenced by the trendy Spanish clothing retailer Zara," says Behind the Name. Given that we're the R29 shopping team, that's a pretty good reason in our book.

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Did You Know...
Old English didn't normally use Z — the name Elizabeth was an exception. In fact, Shakespeare went so far as to berate the seemingly nonsensical letter in King Lear. ("Thou whoreson zed! Thou unnecessary letter!") Public opinion has shifted over time, but it's still the least-used letter of the alphabet.


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