50 Engagement Rings To Love Forever

Photo: Courtesy Of Catbird.
There’s a popular idiom that says the best things come in small packages. We can only assume whoever first uttered it was referring to jewelry — most likely an engagement ring. That's because the pint-sized token of love offers significance way beyond its size. Of course, when it comes to the one ring you'll wear forever, it better be good. And, with so many options to choose from, you may not know exactly where your predilections lie.
These days, shopping for engagement rings is hardly straightforward. With settings ranging from classic diamond solitaires to minimalist metal bands and even colored stones, the wedding-jewelry market is seemingly endless (and maybe a little overwhelming, too). How is one to decide?
For starters, we enlisted acclaimed gem experts Erica Weiner and Elizabeth Doyle to school us on eight popular ring settings. Doyle encourages her clients and betrothed shoppers everywhere to "try on many different kinds of rings, even ones you don't think you will like. You might be surprised what looks good on you and suits you." Which is to say that zillion-carat canary yellow heavyweight you saw in the pages of People may not actually reflect your personal aesthetic. "On the practical side," she adds, "make sure the ring you pick suits your lifestyle." We've collected a gorgeous, diverse array for you to shop, so that you can set your love in stone — literally.

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