Why Aren't You Tweeting To #MyFiveMusts Right Now?

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We mean, a lot of you already are tweeting your five favorite travel essentials with #MyFiveMusts for a chance at a three-night stay at a participating Hyatt (your pick) in the U.S. But, we were looking at the entries and didn't see your name. What gives?
Are you not interested in a gift basket stuffed with treats from Stephanie Johnson, Nine Space, and Frends? Is the idea of a free Hyatt stay certificate just not appealing? No, no — that's impossible.
Ahh, we know what it is! You're just shy and maybe a little uninspired. Look, it happens to the best of us. How about you read five of our favorite entries, soak some energy from your fellow R29 readers, and go ahead and tweet your five travel essentials with #MyFiveMusts (or leave 'em in the comments below)? Honestly, with a free hotel stay hanging in the balance, you shouldn't miss another sec.
Here are a few of our favorites, so far:

"My five must-have travel items are 1) my furry Brookstone NAP blankie (not the travel size one either), 2) my iPad full of games like Candy Crush and Diner Dash as well as a suspenseful movie & a drama movie, 3) a goody bag full of snacks (i.e. Reese's Pieces, a Take 5 bar, mini Peppermint Patties and a bag of chips), 4) furry sleep socks and 5) very, very dark sunglasses (to people watch and/or sleep)! #MyFiveMusts" — davisesq212

"1. Gum — I'm as bad as crying babies are when my ears pop
2. A good, long book and a good, juicy gossip/fashion magazine
3. A wrap and socks — a lesson from my mom who is always freezing so knows to be prepared
4. My original iPod — not the touch, not the iPhone, I'm talking the classic, silver, spinner iPod. I need music at all times on a flight to forget that I'm a million miles in the air (I love getting to my destination but the process, not so much...), and this still holds all 11,000 songs!
5. Snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. Usually pita chips, apples, and emergency chocolate"
Julia Heydemann

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