The Highest Ranked Yoga Pants That Actually Cover Your Butt

Your breath is steady, your mind is focused, your body is stretched in a strong downward-facing dog. It's in this otherwise zen moment that you realize you’re also unintentionally mooning your classmates. Simply put, this is the problem with yoga pants that are way too thin. The weakest links in your workout wear drawer — leggings from a freebie bag or the pair you bought so long ago you can’t remember when — have been stretched to the point of sheerness. It’s high time your throw them away, and Rank & Style lets us know exactly what to replace them with.
On the hunt for the most opaque yoga pants you can buy, the e-commerce explorers gave Tippy Toe Leggings by Yogamoga top spot. The slim, ankle-length pants come in a wide range of colors. But, most importantly, as Rank & Style reports, they also come with editors' seals of approval and plenty of positive buzz — two factors that make them the best booty-concealing pairs, according to math. Suddenly, the front row of your yoga studio doesn't seem quite as scary.
So, go ahead: wear your yoga pants without tying a T-shirt around your waist. Stretch and bend with a bit more confidence now that your bottom is no longer visible through your spandex. And, should you crave a few more math-approved pieces of gym gear — ya know, something to keep those NYE resolutions going strong until February — Rank & Style has also pinpointed the best running leggings, sneakers, and ski gear that also have numbers on their side.

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