How The 1% Vacations (This, You Need To See)

Photo: Courtesy of the Royal Riviera.
From the way we dress to the music we listen to, what's popular today is almost guaranteed to feel passé tomorrow. But there are still a handful of iconic European hotels that manage to remain relevant decade after decade — through the roaring ‘20s, the hedonistic ‘60s, the decadent ‘90s, and into the 21st century. We can only imagine the events and extravagance that some of these places have witnessed over the years.

Ahead, we look inside 10 of the continent's most eternally stylish hotels — places that have remained at the top of the luxury game from day one, hosting notable guests, making film appearances, and acting as backdrops for high-end fashion shoots. You may not be able to afford a room, but click ahead to experience the opulence and class of a bygone era at these renowned European institutions.

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