The Hidden Talents Of 8 Of Your Favorite Models

Photo: Eli Schmidt/WWD/Rex Shutterstock.
Deep in Cara Delevingne’s Instagram feed is a special place: Square-shaped evidence reveals the supermodel and actor can also beatbox. Since she spit her skill to both Pharrell and Justin Timberlake, it’s no wonder there’s rumor of a music career in the pipeline — potentially once she's finished taking Hollywood by storm? Is Delevingne set to become a triple threat?

It turns out Cara isn't the only pretty face with some prettier talents. In fact, many of the models we frequently see gracing fashion campaigns, runways, and editorial shoots have hidden skills we didn't know about. We've dug deep to discover how eight of the world's biggest names like to spend their time off-camera — from curb-grinds to coding to chess. All we're wondering is: What can't these women do?

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