Dress Modest Without Looking Like Laura Ingalls, Courtesy Of A New E-Shop

With so many fashion trends that run on the risqué side — sheer tops and lingerie as outerwear, anyone? — it's enough to make even the most confident women feel a bit like a prude. Thanks to the brand-new website Mode-sty, dressing conservatively no longer means having to take style advice from your grandma (although, she did set some pretty chic examples). Instead, the fashion flash-sale site curates a contemporary collection for people who want to dress on-trend ... without going against their tastes.
Mode-sty, which puts an "emphasis on mode," helps make beautiful clothing accessible from both big-name brands (think BCBG and Rachel Roy) and lesser-known designers, while still ensuring that all items on the site are palatable to their customers. Recognizing that all women have different comfort zones, the site has three levels of demure clothing based on the desired amount of coverage: tightness, sleeve length, and hemline and neckline.
Whether you're looking to dress conservatively due to personal, professional, or religious reasons, body coverage doesn't mean you have to hide in boring, oversized clothes. And, for extra-special attention, the site offers personalized styling services to make sure that your look and your morals never have to butt heads. In fact, gone are the days of struggling to find a cute, appropriate item that makes you feel great — Mode-sty has you covered, literally and figuratively. Sign up today and stay tuned for their next exciting flash sale.

Photo: Courtesy of Becca Sabot for Mode-sty

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