How To Wear One Midi Skirt To Five Different Summer Weddings

There are many stages to prepping for a summer wedding. Once the initial excitement fades, the reality sets in: You need to plan your travel to and from the venue, hunt down a unique gift for the happy couple, and — finally — decipher the dress code. Meanwhile, a string of other RSVPs lands in your mailbox, and you're stuck with a sartorial conundrum: how to attend all these celebrations (each with a distinct dress code, of course) without blowing your life's worth on new clothes.

Instead of racking your brain over all the variables, focus on a single staple that transcends dress requirements. Case in point: the midi skirt, whose length places it squarely between fancy and casual, making it a stellar choice for your various summer soirées.

The key is to find a skirt that is strong on its own, but is still adaptable enough to make it through every event on your social calendar. We picked a half-ornate, half-flowy asymmetric-hem Stella McCartney skirt to anchor our outfits. And while it's definitely an investment piece, it can easily conquer five vastly different dress-code scenarios. Click through to see how one item can be your saving grace this wedding season.
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The Outdoor Wedding
A summer wedding outdoors can potentially be a scorcher. Thankfully, a midi skirt has enough breezy material to keep your legs from having their own heatstroke. To keep your cool without sacrificing refined coverage, combine a high-waisted midi with a thin-strapped crop top. Prep for your surroundings, whether you're tiptoeing through gravel or scaling grassy hills with a chic pair of flats. An outdoor wedding is usually a call for fun, so choose bright-hued accessories like a cutesy watermelon clutch and a pale-pink cuff for a subtle pop.
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The Beach Wedding
Don't be fooled by the laid-back venue: A beach ceremony can also have a more buttoned-up dress code. To resolve the inherent disconnect between the sartorial guidelines and the setting, take your ultra-sophisticated skirt and pare it down with a light knit tank. Keep your accessories playful (the blush Lucite sunglasses and iridescent clutch are feminine without being overly casual). As far as footwear goes, be realistic: If you're set on a heel, opt for a platform wedge with a rubber sole. The cork and braid detail on this particular style feels particularly on theme, no?
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The City Hall Wedding
If the bride and groom are having their wedding at a city hall, chances are they're looking for the least fuss possible. Stick to the theme of a quiet affair with light daytime pieces that are simple in appearance. A sleek, boxy pastel top keeps your outfit framed but casual. Add in quasi-muted choices like these metallic mules and a peachy-toned envelope clutch. To keep you from feeling too clean-cut, finish off your attire with an edgy ring that plays well against your bag.
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The Backyard Wedding
You get the beauty of the great outdoors in a more controlled environment (with the benefit of an indoor bathroom within walking distance). You can get away with a low, chunky heel to traverse the asphalt-and-grass path to the ceremony. A sleeveless blouse adds some breathability to the half-flowy skirt, while a sleek pair of shades keeps those gorgeous but pesky rays of sunshine at bay.
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The Cocktail-Attire Wedding
Required attire on an invitation should make your life easier, not more difficult. When you're walking the line between formal and black tie, it's tough to know which level of fancy you should be reaching for. Solid-colored, silk-finish options help to bring out the elegant side of this statement skirt. We paired the ensemble with some deceptively inexpensive earrings that pop in a subtle way. Choose a small, structured bag with a handle, and you'll be ready to go hands-free on the dance floor.

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