3 Mother/Daughter Teams That Inspire Us (And Run Miami Fashion, Too!)

Maybe there's something in the water, but the mother/daughter relationships in Miami are incredibly special. Certainly ladies share deep maternal bonds everywhere, and we aren't suggesting our maternal relationships are any better than those forged in other cities, but Miami is home to a host of ultra-creative mother/daughter teams. From one of our city's most recognizable labels to our go-to accessories haunt, some of the best the 305 has to offer is helmed by incredible moms and their children.
Three local leaders in beauty, fashion, and accessories opened up to us about teaming up with their parent, spilling the ins and outs of mother/daughter entrepreneurship. Not only do such fashionable families make Miami proud, but these stories might provide inspiration for your next big adventure...with your mama by your side, of course.
Photo: Courtesy of Gee Beauty