The Best Dude's Hair Products, According To Hollywood

Photo: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage.
Hair removal, pricey facials, wigs, and sandbagging: It's no secret that Hollywood actresses put a lot of effort into looking effortless on the red carpet. But it makes us feel like we're on a slightly more even playing field when we think about the fact that David Beckham, Kit Harington, Michael B. Jordan, and Justin Bieber don't wake up with glowing complexions and perfect hair every morning, either. There's always someone behind the curtain pulling the strings.

Yep, the guys have pros on hand to smooth their cowlicks, brush their brows, and mattify their complexions before they step out on the red carpet or in front of the camera (hell, even John Mayer has a multi-step skin-care routine nowadays). They're called groomers — and we're putting the spotlight on them.

Ahead, L.A.'s most in-demand primping pros for the dudes are spilling their secrets and sharing their tried-and-true products. So call your dad, ping your brother, and text your friends. Let's hear it for the boys.

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