Marc Jacobs: Before And After

While we doing our usual mid-afternoon site surfing, we came across an old picture of Marc Jacobs that the Huffington Post unearthed. In a word: wow. The designer looked a little bit like Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings, but with the added panache of a neck-brace, a smoldering cigarette, and the fresh-out-the-shower sweat stains. But, that was 2003, this is 2010. In seven years Jacobs has become the poster-child for every make-over show ever created, with a body full of muscles, a flattering hair-cut, and a sleek wardrobe. And, as his recent ad campaign (above, right, for his new fragrance Bang) and editorials (the LV Bazaar spread anyone?) reveal, the boy's got some verve! The designer has spoken out about his weight-loss in a number of media outlets before, so we're not exactly breaking any news—but sometimes it's nice to get a reminder of where a little determination can get you. On that note, we're going to Miami next week—maybe we should have skipped that pizza?
Which Marc Jacobs do you like better?

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