You CAN Look Glam On The Beach — Here’s How!

Summertime, and the living should be easy — except when it comes to your beauty routine! Although we dream of looking effortlessly glam by the seashore, more often than not, the sweat-'n'-sand, greasy-sunblock combo leaves us with shiny skin and smudgy mascara. Yup, no one wants to be that girl — you know, the one on the beach with warrior-paint makeup and limp locks. Where's the fun in that?!
To help you get chic, here are two runway-inspired looks that are easy to DIY for a day by the shore (we promise, no super-involved steps here). Both looks are natural and feminine, but with a nice dose of fashion-forward edge — you'll be channeling Splash-era Daryl Hannah in no time.
Makeup by Erin Moffett; Modeled by Lily Dale at NEXT Models