Madonna's W.E. Premiere Dress: Major Or Morticia Overload?

We braved the whole catching-a-cab-in-the-rain-fail last night to crawl up to the Ziegfeld for the W.E. premiere in NYC last night, and if there's one thing we can say for certain about its director, Madonna (you may have heard of her), it's that damn, the girl can make a pre-movie speech speech (she attributed the tears to working her ass off for the superbowl), and, duh, dance (she got into the groove at the after-party at the Standard, showing off those k-k-killer arms). What some audience members seemed less clear on is her dress choice.
Obviously, with a bod that, despite age, is more rock solid than most slabs of granite, she can pull off almost anything. But some fashion police grumbled that the Morticia-esque sleeves, beaded bodice, and velvet skirt of her Marchesa gown (the Weinsteins did produce the movie, after all), were a lot for anyone to handle. We thought the frock was fierce, and really, if anyone could pull off something so intense, it's Madonna. Vote below and tell us if you agree...or think the look is...w/e. (Celebitchy)
Photo: Via Celebitchy

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