Breaking Down Madonna’s Red Carpet Power Pose

Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images.
Hello! You may have thought today is August 16. You might have even felt like it's Thursday, also known as the fifth day of the week, the day after Hump Day, or Friday, the prequel. Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're wrong: It's actually Madonna's 60th birthday. That's right. The queen of pilates and pop, the self-proclaimed unapologetic bitch, the mother of six is turning the big 6-0, and we're celebrating. We're jamming out to everything from Like A Prayer to Rebel Heart, we're watching Madonna: Truth or Dare, we're reading Sex, and we're revisiting her iconic fashion moments along the way.
In our gratuitous, sweat-inducing search of thousands of Madonna looks, we noticed something similar with all of those red carpet appearances. No, not that red carpet moment. But so many others. Over the decades, Madonna has perfected a signature stance that many aspire to but few have attempted: the ultimate, completely unrepentant power pose. What is a power pose, you ask? It's that thing where Madonna puts her hands on her hips, spreads her feet about hip- or shoulder-length apart, sticks out her "pleasure zone" (you'll find out what that means later), and stares directly into the flashing cameras. It sounds a bit like this: make 'em wait for it...boom.
Ever the calculated queen, Madonna and her image are carefully crafted — which means everything has to mean something, right? So, out of pure, unadulterated curiosity, we decided to investigate her red carpet post — and enlisted the help of a few body language experts to aid us in our quest for useless yet utterly fascinating information. In the slideshow ahead, you'll hear what author and body language expert Traci Brown and Blanca Cobb have to say about the possible hidden meaning(s) behind Madonna's power pose, and whether or not fashion plays a role in how she slays for the camera. Because sure, celebrities are people, too, but Madonna is a superwoman.

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