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Madonna Comes To Mulberry Street, Donna Karan Is A Yankee Pitcher, And New Yorkers Are Major Stoners

Mssrs.Dolce & Gabbana are in town to shoot their new campaign on Mulberry Street. Spies say that Madonna will be on location this weekend. Start staking out your stalking positions now! (The Cut)

A new bar called "Bourbon.Beer.Rock" is set to open in the East Village on Memorial Day. In the same building? A Mardi Gras-themed restaurant specializing in Frozen Daiquiris. We're envisioning a lot of emergency room visits.
(EV Grieve)

Barneys is commissioning some graffiti artists to vandalize New York public school chairs. Don't worry, it's for a good cause. Animal New York
For a cool $14 million, you can call Shia LeBeouf's fake house from Wall Street 2 your own. How much do you wanna bet some Goldman's exec is closing on it right now. (Gawker)
The Daily Beast says NYC is the third most pot-friendly city. Why not #!?! (Daily Beast)
Snooki is single again.We are soconfused as to why. (BlackBook)
Donna Karan is throwing out the first pitch at Yankee stadium. Who's next, Donatella Versace? Stylist