You’re Not Dreaming: These “Plastic-Bag”-Wrapped Shoes Cost $400

When it comes to fashion, a comfort zone is generally considered a bad thing. The truly successful style star is willing to take risks, because let's be honest, playing inbounds won't get you on The Sartorialist. Likewise, the best designers sketch where no pencil has gone before –– and often, we welcome their envelope-pushing ideas with open wallets! Think about it: Where would we be without the wrap dress? Or Calvin's take on high-design denim?
That said, sometimes, even the best designers can get a little lost on the path to greatness. Enter: Luxury Jones's upcycled cowboy booties. While we applaud the daredevil attitude behind the these babies (and definitely dig the sustainability vector that comes with them), it's just that, well...we feel like we've been visually assaulted. We can't imagine why a plastic bag, two belts, and a bootie would need to be combined into one item. We want to give 'em the benefit of the doubt and say it's a Halloween costume in the making. But, with a $400 price tag attached, we're guessing that's not the case.
But what say you? Are we right on the money, or just blind to great fashion, even if it grabs us by the bootstrap?

Photo: Via Solestruck

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