15 Shoes You Won't Slip In...Hopefully

Snow boots are the shit. They're our shields against the most treacherous winter conditions Mother Nature throws at us. But, sometimes, those bulky, shearling clunksters can't quite deliver the perfect finishing touch for an elevated look. Instead of completely compromising your style in favor of practicality, try swapping your winter boots (at least on non-blizzard days) for a version with just a track sole. The jagged, rubber bottoms will help you stay put, and they also happen to look super rad. Ahead, 15 stompers that won't have you treading lightly this season. 
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A wedge and a high-top cut help you step out in style and sturdiness.
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Throw on a chunky wool sock, and you're set.
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Breathe easy — this option has a leather lining.
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A weatherproof Chelsea.
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50 degrees the day after a snowstorm? Throw these on.
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A pop of color and a pop of traction.
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The perfect combination of so many styles — with cool laces to boot.
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This pair, made by the weather warriors over at Hunter, is one you can trust.
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Office- and winter-appropriate.
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Get your grunge on, even in the snow.
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These boots aren't called Siberia for nothing.
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These boots are the sartorial cherry on top of your outfit — and you can hike in them, too.
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The winter weather will make these pretty, white shoes look beat-up in the best way.
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There's more than one way to strap yourself in.
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Look closely: Even the heel has a rubber sole.

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