What Love Means To 37 Strangers Around The World

Some say it's an open door. Some say it's when a single soul lives in two bodies. And, others say it's an overwhelming physiological response to spending a significant amount of time with another human being. Whatever you think love is, chances are that the person sitting right next to you (someone you love, even!) has an entirely different meaning.
The #loveisproject seeks to create a dictionary of definitions about what love means around the world — across countries, creeds, and cultures. Holding a beaded bracelet created by African brand LIFE Line, in collaboration with The Supply Change — a company that builds relationships between the design industry and global artisan communities — people from all over the world were shot for portraits while sharing their personal definition of the word.
The project was started by Chrissie Lam while on a trip from Russia to the Middle East, during a series of horrifying global events including the Malaysian Airlines catastrophe in Ukraine, the beginning of the Ebola outbreak, and a string of ISIS beheadings. "It was easy to forget that love exists. This project was a search for love to restore my faith in humanity. I found grace, gratitude, and grief in many answers," she said.
Lam has traveled to 90 countries so far and plans to continue around the world in the coming year. She's started an Indiegogo to raise awareness and funding to continue her #loveis journey, as well as to raise money to help the nonprofit CTC International create jobs around the world. For Lam herself, she said, "#Loveis energy. If you radiate positivity and love, you will openly receive it back." Click through for 37 more definitions from people around the world.

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