Could You Live Your Life In All One Color (Like This Woman)?

It feels like we’ve spent our adult lives thus far trying to uncover that certain aesthetic that’ll define our personal style forever. And, though our looks are undoubtedly always evolving, it seems some of us have a more visible fashion aura than others. Take, for instance, Ivania Carpio.
The Dutch blogger chooses white exclusively (with pops of black and gold) to highlight her look, which she shares with the world on her highly addictive Instagram account, @love_aesthetics. But, Carpio's overall vibe isn't one bit basic. Rather, it's infinitely forward. The way she showcases her outfits, home finds, and beauty goods is so unique and beautiful, you can’t help but get lost in a scrolling black (and white) hole. See what we mean ahead, and shop inspired finds, too. Fair warning: you may want to switch up your entire wardrobe.