The Photographer's Guide To L.A.

Photographed by Kat Borchart.
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Snap-happy photog Jessie Webster, who always has a camera swung around her neck, is well-known for her lifestyle and interiors photography. From national newspapers to Refinery29, her snaps have been all over the place. And, while we’re blown away by her impressive portfolio, we’re equally enamored with her L.A. livin’. After all, she has lived and worked in the city for more than a decade, so she’s definitely in the know when it comes to the city’s best.
The 32-year-old Ojai native lived and worked in WeHo for nine years before moving to Silver Lake two years ago. So, naturally, we asked the photographer to give us a snapshot of her ideal L.A. weekend — and boy, did she deliver. From prepping with Secret's Scent Expressions and Destinations Collection in the morning to snapping a few clutch pictures of the sunset over the Santa Monica beach in the evening, Webster shares how to do a weekend in L.A. just right, ahead.
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
Saturday Morning: Hanging Out At Home In Silver Lake
"I can’t imagine living anywhere else but the east side of L.A. In Silver Lake, there are many amazing coffee shops and restaurants, and it's got an artsy vibe that I love.

"Here, you can see that my house has a mix of everything, like colorful pillows and paintings that span a mix of styles and eras."

A.P.C. shirt; Dream Collective cuff; Jessie's own jeans, shoes, and rings.
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"On weekends, I wear the same things as I do on the weekdays: a button-down shirt and some jeans, or a day dress, and sandals. Beauty-wise, I wear a cat-eye every. single. day."
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"This contact sheet is from when I was 11 or 12. It’s one of the first rolls of film that I ever shot in my entire life. I discovered it in a box a while back, and I leave it on my desk now. It's hilarious to see what the 12-year-old [version of] me wanted to take photos of and how it's different from and similar to the photos I take now.

"I’m definitely a believer in the 10,000-Hour Rule, [which says] the best way to get better at something is to just do it [for 10,000 hours]. I’ve been shooting professionally for 10 years, and I got better by just doing it all the time."
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
Saturday Afternoon: Shopping For Plants At A Local Nursery
"This is my favorite plant store. It has a great selection and definitely the best prices. I am obsessed with plants and am starting to grow a garden in my backyard."

Dream Collective cuff, Jessie's own rings and sunglasses.

Echo Park Garden, 4515 York Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90041; 323-255-2300.
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"It’s kinda hilarious how into plants and gardening I’ve become. As a child, I despised gardening, and I grew up in Ojai, which is a hippie town. I went to a school that had an organic garden — I used to dread horticulture class and complained constantly about being in the hot sun and getting dirty."

House Of Hackney dress, Jessie's own sandals.
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"Now, I find so much happiness when I’m gardening, and it’s such a great stress reliever for me."
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"After the nursery, I wanted to get fresh fruit at the farmers' market next door."

Echo Park Farmers’ Market, 1125 Logan Street, Los Angeles.
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"Agua fresca!"
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"I started biking when I lived in West Hollywood, but I like biking in Silver Lake a lot more since the streets are wider."
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"I love to bike, and I try to do it as much as I can, like [when picking up] cheese or flowers from [nearby] stores."
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
Saturday Evening: Prepping For A Dinner Party At Home
"When I’m entertaining, I like to have everything prepped ahead of time so that I can really spend time with my guests. I always have some sort of snack or appetizer [like my signature cheese platters] ready so that when they arrive, they’re not hungry and waiting for dinner to be served. For dinner, I like to make something super easy like roast chicken and vegetables with a salad. And, for drinks, I love to have a premade one, like sangria, and some beer and wine for variety."

En Soie dress.
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"I’ve been putting together cheese plates since I was about 9. My mom let me do it for all the parties we had because I was just very particular about how it looked.

"For the perfect cheese plate, I try to have at least three different cheeses of varying texture. Then, something salty or pickled, like olives, and some marcona almonds that I sprinkle with homemade rosemary salt. [Lastly,] I always have some fresh fruit, like grapes or figs, and dried apricots. For the charcuterie, I like prosciutto or salami. Then, a few different crackers or maybe a baguette."
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"Why not use some of the plants from the nursery for tablescaping?"
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
Sunday Morning: Taking In The View At The Griffith Observatory
"This is about a five-minute drive from my house, so I often grab a cup of coffee in the morning and head on up."

Topshop dress.

Griffith Observatory, 2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles; 213-473-0800.
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"It’s so quiet at that time of day, and I love to just drink my coffee and look out on the beautiful skyline. And, of course, I find it to be so photogenic."
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"L.A. has seriously amazing architecture but nothing quite like the observatory. I love to shoot portraits up here along with the beautiful landscape."
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"One of the most amazing things — the reason that draws you into living on the West Coast — is that you’re always somewhat close to the ocean."

Santa Monica State Beach, 1116 Fourth Street, Santa Monica; 310-458-8300.
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"It's a romantic place to watch sunsets — and capture them. [Here's a tip to get the best pic:] Sunsets are prettiest when there are some clouds to catch the varying colors of the setting sun. Obviously, you don’t want it to be completely overcast, but you do want some clouds."

En Soie shirt, Jessie's own overalls.
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Photographed by Kat Borchart.
"As a freelance photographer, I get to make my own schedule. And, while I do love to plan, I try to go with the flow on the weekends. I think in life, [you shouldn’t] plan too much. [Right now is] basically like a dream come true."
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