How To Get Out Of Your Dating Rut

Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
Step aside, Patti Stanger and Neil Clark Warren (er, eHarmony dude). There's a new dating service in town — and this one's got two brilliant women behind it. Founded by Greta Tufvesson and Nikki Lewis, The Bevy isn't your average dating app. In fact, it's not even online — well, there is a website, but it serves as a purely informational resource for those considering signing up. There are no scrolling lists of possible suitors.
That's right, The Bevy is all about good, old-fashioned matchmaking. Here's how it works: With Tufvesson in Los Angeles and Lewis overseeing the Big Apple, the bicoastal company only focuses on these two cities. There's an age requirement of 26 and older, though they're somewhat flexible depending on the circumstances. Also, it's free for women. Yup, totally free. Men, on the other hand, pay a fee. Why? Well, aside from the founders' belief that it's a bit strange to arrange a date where both sexes are paying clients, their philosophy is that paying for a dating service is a good indicator of how he serious a man is about finding a companion.
In an effort to get a sense of the minds and morale behind the service — plus, a little dating advice for ourselves, too — we asked Tufvesson and Lewis to help pinpoint why so many amazing women seem to struggle with finding love in Los Angeles, and offer some advice for finding success in the realm of dating. Everyone, you may want to take notes.

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